An Overview

The following page may contain information that is out-of-date and is provided for archival purposes only. The StormBit IRC network shut-down on the 1st of June, 2024.


Stormbit offers various services to faclitate the registration of nicknames and channels. All of the commands on this page are case-insensitive, with the exception of passwords.


NickServ enables you to register your nickname and prevent other users from being stolen or used by other people.


/msg NickServ REGISTER <password> <email-address>
/msg NickServ IDENTIFY <nick> <password>
/msg NickServ GROUP


Register an account under the name JaneDoe with NickServ:

/nick JaneDoe
/msg NickServ REGISTER MyGreatPassword [email protected]

Log into the current nickname you are using on NickServ, if it is registered:

/msg NickServ IDENTIFY MyGreatPassword

Log into the nickname ‘JaneDoe’ without switching to it, so long as your current nickname is grouped to it:

/msg NickServ IDENTIFY JaneDoe MyGreatPassword

Group the nickname you are currently using to the NickServ account you are logged into. You should only group names that you acutally intend to use:

/msg NickServ GROUP


ChanServ lets you register and protect a channel. You don’t need to use ChanServ to create a new channel, you can do that with /join. ChanServ is a way to guarantee that you remain in control of a channel.


/msg ChanServ REGISTER <#channel>
/msg ChanServ AOP <#channel> ADD <nick>


Register the channel #CherryJelly to you. This makes the channel permanent and gives you status as the owner of the channel.

/msg ChanServ register #CherryJelly

Don’t abuse this, just use it to maintain channels you have created.

Add the user ‘JaneDoe’ to the AOP (auto-op) list. This means that they are automatically assigned channel operator (@) status when they join the channel:

/msg ChanServ AOP #CherryJelly ADD JaneDoe

There is much more to running a channel, but the more detailed aspects of channel management can be found on the Managing A Channel help page.


HostServ allows you to change the default Stormbit host masking into something prettier. By default, masked hosts look like – you can change that!

Though our policy on this is highly liberal, there’s a couple rules you should still know:

  • It can be a real domain… if you can prove that you own it or represent the owner (and you have to contact network staff directly to do this, HostServ can’t handle it)
  • Put a dot (.) in it somewhere. This is primarily for neatness, but not necessary.
  • Whilst there are no rules against offensive vHosts, bear in mind that you could be banned for having one at the channel owner’s discretion.

It may take up to a day to approve the hostmask, and if it’s denied you will be allowed to fix any problems and resubmit it.


/msg HostServ REQUEST <vHost>


Request the hostmask

/msg HostServ Request