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StormBit is an IRC network dedicated to anything you can think of: from open source projects, to video games, to anime culture, we have a little of every community, so you can feel right at home. We also strongly believe in free speech and take a very hands-off approach to moderation, so if you can't find a channel that suits you, come on and make one!

  • New channel!

    Hi again, this'll hopefully be the last update to our site in this format, as things are moving along, albeit slowly.

    First and foremost, our primary IRC channel has changed from #sting to #stormbit - there's much reasoning behind the change, first and foremost that having two channels open to support largely the same userbase seems pointless, but also to better enforce the new channel rules.
    Have fun chatting, but please remember to follow our rules!~.

    Secondly, we've picked the software our forums will be migrating to, from XenForo. Namely, it'll be Discourse. We've selected Discourse, as since our forums will no longer require the advanced features offered by XenForo, such as this portal, we might as well replace it with software that offers the same forum functionality - but does it much better. Discourse does everything that XenForo did, but offers a much more streamlined board experience and performs more favorably, which makes it ideal.

    Finally, as of right now, we have servers all over the US, as well as in Iceland, Germany and the United Kingdom, however unfortunately the latter few countries suffer from higher latency links, and consequently to improve performance we're looking for another server in Mainland Europe (e.g. France, Netherlands).

    Thanks for reading, and stay qt!.

  • We're not dead!

    It's been a while since any posts were made here on the StormBit forums. I'd just like to let you all know that we aren't dead, and the IRC network is very much alive. If you're wondering where all the activity is at, go ahead and point your IRC client at #sting on irc.stormbit.net (or just use Iris, our web IRC client.)

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