StormBit Bouncer Service

What is a Bouncer (BNC)?

Simply put, an IRC bouncer will keep you connected to an IRC network while you’re away, granting you extra functionality such as the ability to read logs from while you were away.

It’s a piece of software that sits between your IRC client, and an IRC server, acting as a proxy. You connect to it as you would normally, and it connects to your chosen IRC network, and on the face of it you will not notice any difference other than that your connection will be retained, and you will be getting logs of what has transpired in your absence. This behaviour is completely customisable and can be turned off if it really bothers you!

If you’d like to know more, please feel free to ask, or alternatively you can read more on Wikipedia.

For those already clued up on what bouncers are, and what they can offer, we are running the latest ZNC bouncer software with a slew of custom modules.

We do not currently offer any fancy hostnames, especially since most IRC networks offer them via services, however should there be enough demand, we will look at enabling some!

Advanced Functionality

Some of the more advanced functionality IRC bouncers can offer you include:

  • Transparently connect several clients to one IRC network at once. (e.g. Keep your laptop, desktop, phone, and tablet connected via the same user!)
  • Push notifications on your phone, whenever anyone mentions your name.
    (Requires a push notifications service. We prefer PushBullet).
  • Built in cryptology to help keep your channels secure.
  • Automatic spam-attack protection. ZNC can automatically ‘detach’ you from a channel to prevent damage to your client.

Why StormBNC?

Put together, the team behind StormBit are very experienced with system administration and in particular with IRC technologies. We put as much pride in keeping our BNC service running smoothly as we do in our IRC network.

Signing Up

Type !help in #stormbnc on Webchat client available here.

Setting Up

Check out our help page for more info.


Check out our rules page for these.